Adidas 2022 World Cup Goalkeeper Kit Template Leaked?

Last week, we provided our readers with the first look at Adidas' two new teamwear kits for 2023 onwards. These jerseys are intended to be worn by outfield players, so of course goalkeepers will receive a teamwear line of their own.

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We can reveal that this will come in the form of the new Adidas Tiro 23 Competition GK jersey.

Tiro 23 Competition GK Jersey- NEW

Pictured below is the Tiro 23 Competition GK jersey for 2023.

The Adidas Tiro 23 Competition GK jersey features a simple design with raglan sleeves and black sections under the sleeves and on the sides. The kit makes use of Adidas' new logo, with the three stripes placed on the shoulders.

Something that can more easily be spotted on the yellow version of the shirt is the graphic pattern applied on the front. It consists of many repeating shapes: two different rhombus sizes, both of which have shorter side lengths at the top than at the bottom.

Tiro 23 Competition GK Jersey - Features

  • 2 Colorways: Team Semi Solar Green & Team Yellow
  • Release Date: December 1, 2022
  • Price: $60

So far only two colorways for this jersey are confirmed: green/white and yellow/red. Perhaps more will be released, as we usually see around 5 to 8 different colors (see Condivo 21 GK or AdiPro 20 GK).

Will We See This Kit At the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a novelty in the world of football, being the first World Cup to take place in Winter rather than summer. Of course, due to how World Cups have been scheduled for the past decades, Adidas' kit releases are tailored to fit the regular, expected timeline.

Qatar 2022 will see Adidas' kit reveals occur later than ever before. The tournament begins on November 21 and lasts until December 18 With the Tiro 23 Competition GK jersey set to release on December 1, 2022, Adidas-sponsored teams would have to receive the teamwear shirts weeks before their actual release.

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This means it is unlikely that we will be seeing this new template on display at the World Cup, especially since the new Condivo 22 GK jersey recently arrived on the market.

Adidas Condivo 22 GK Template Leaked - 7 Colorways for the 2022-23 Season and 2022 World Cup

Were the 2022 World Cup to take place in summer, we would definetly not see the Tiro 23 Competition GK jersey, but rather the Condivo 22 line.

What do you think of Adidas' new goalkeeper template for 2023?