Exclusive: Adidas Want 2 Out Of Manchester United, Liverpool & Arsenal From 2025, Or All 3 If Possible

We can leak some very interesting information about Adidas' future plans in Great Britain and the English Premier League in particular.

Adidas Want At Least 2 Of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool From 2025

According to our insider, "Adidas want to supply at least two of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool, or even all three if possible".

Adidas want around 5 Premier League teams in the futureThe contracts of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United end in 2024 and 2025, meaning that these teams will start talks about the kit supplier this or next year. Arsenal x Adidas (2024), Manchester United x Adidas (2025), and Liverpool x Nike (2025).

Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United are certainly among England's Top 4 when it comes to the number of fans and kit sales, meaning that Adidas would be one of the /or leading brands when it comes to the English Premier League.

Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City won't change have kit deals valid until the late 2020s/early 2030sThe kit deals of the three other big Premier League clubs are not ending before the late 2020s. Adidas won't be able to secure any of them. Chelsea x Nike (2032), Manchester City x Puma (2028), and Tottenham x Nike (2033).

Generally, it is Adidas' plan to have five Premier League teams and 2 Championship teams in the future. Currently, Adidas supply four Premier League teams and three teams in the Championship.

Adidas to Lose Various English League Kit Deals

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