First On-Pitch Sighting - Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE Worn by Michail Antonio

As many Nike sponsored players took to the field wearing the new progress pack at the weekend, the Nike Mercurial Ultra SE was spotted on-pitch for the first time on the feet of an unlikely player. West Ham’s Michail Antonio got his hands on a pair and debuted them in his side’s game away at Brentford.

Antonio Wears Nike Mercurial Ultra SE

The small number of pairs in existence means we probably won’t have too many sightings of the Mercurial Ultra SE in the professional game, and few would have predicted Antonio to be the first. Unfortunately for the Jamaican International, West Ham lost the game 2-0, so the boots definitely won’t be considered a lucky charm for him.

Antonio wore Adidas prior to joining West Ham, before signing a deal with Umbro and wearing their Velocita boot silo. However, this deal ended in 2020, so he reverted to Adidas footwear and had been wearing Predator models and more recently, the X series, until last weekend.

The fact that the Mercurial Ultra SE was limited to only 1,000 pairs would suggest that Antonio was a fan of the design and bought a pair for himself. It is also likely an indicator that his Adidas contract has run out.

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