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Goalkeeper Day: Adidas Release 22-23 Brazilian Teams Keeper Kits, to Be Used by All Major Teams Next Season

Just as in the past few years, Adidas have launched the 22-23 goalkeeper kits for their Brazilian teams early to celebrate the Dia do Goleiro (Goalkeeper Day in Brazil) on Tuesday, 26 April 2022.

Adidas did only release the new keeper kits for their big Brazilian teams. The Adidas 22-23 goalkeeper kits for their European teams are set to be launched together with the respective player's kits - we will see the first in May 2022.

Brazilian Adidas 22-23 Keeper Kits - Adidas Adidas Condivo GK 22

As already revealed by use several months ago, the streamlined Adidas 2022-2023 keeper uniform is called "Adidas Condivo GK 22". The Adidas Condivo 22 GK stands out because of its eye-catching organic geometric graphic design.

Adidas have not released bespoke colorways this year yet, possibly due to production problems

Unfouently, unlike in the previous years, Adidas did not release bespoke colored keepers. This might be related to production issues faced by every brand due to COVID-19 restrictions in South East Asian several countries in the past few months. We might see custom keeper kits at a later date, but there might be no at all.

Adidas did not release the new keeper kit for SC Internacional yet.

Cruzeiro EC

CR Flamengo

Sao Paulo

We might see custom keeper kits at a later date

Would you like Adidas to release bespoke keeper kits with custom designs for each team? Do you think we will see a single custom colorway this season? Comment below.