Saint-Maximin Wears Louis Vuitton Headbands In Premier League

Newcastle United forward Allan Saint-Maximin has worn a new headband in the last Premier League match, and it is again extraordinary.

Saint-Maximin Wants EA Sports To Put His Gucci Headband In FIFA 19

Saint-Maximin has been used to wearing headbands from Gucci but switched to Louis Vuitton already some time ago.

Allan Saint-Maximin Wears Louis Vuitton Headband

Allan Saint-Maximin wore a luxurious-looking white, black and gold Louis Vuitton headband.

In case you want to wear the same Louis Vuitton Bandeau as the Newcastle player. The Louis Vuitton Bandeau has a retail price of around 400 USD, while it is available to purchase for around 200 USD.

Saint-Maximin has no boot contract currentlyAllan Saint-Maximin was sponsored by Puma until around the end of 2021. He is without a boot contract now and is wearing blackout Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 boots.

Watch out for Allan Saint-Maximin's headband in Newcastle's next match against Leicester on Sunday, April 17, 2021.

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