Barcelona 22-23 Kits to Be Sold Without Sponsors?

You might be able to get FC Barcelona's 2022-2023 kits without any sponsors.

The first batch was produced without any sponsor logos, that is sureFC Barcelona did announce the deal with Spotify on 15 March 2022, while the deal was ratified by the club members in early April. This was certainly too late for Nike to produce all the 2022-2023 kits with the logo on them. The production of the first shirts usually already starts in January/February.

In fact, we already leaked official pictures of the Barcelona 22-23 home kit without any sponsors. They were produced before the Spotify deal was confirmed - a clear indicator that the official Barcelona 22-23 kits will also have no Spotify logo by default.

We have no confirmed info if the retail versions will feature a sponsor or notWe have no confirmed info if the retail versions of the Barcelona 22-23 shirts will feature a sponsor or not - there are several options.

Option 1 - Barcelona Sell 22-23 Kits Without Sponsors

The first option is that Barcelona will sell the 22-23 kits without any sponsor logo. However, this would surely not be liked by Spotify, and also by many fans who want a get as worn by the players.

Option 2 - Nike Have Produced Sponsorless and Spotify Kits

It seems possible that there is a batch of sponsorless kits produced before the deal was sealed, and a batch of Spotify kits produced after the deal and look of logo was confirmed.

Option 3 - Barcelona Allow to Add Spotify Logo In Store

Barcelona could add the Spotify logo on the sponsor-free shirts afterward. For example, it could be an option to have the Spotify logo printed onto the shirts in official Barcelona stores.

Option 4 - Barcelona/Nike Sell Kits With Different ("Changing/One-Off") Sponsors

There are also rumors that Barcelona's kits will feature changing logos, e.g. logos of bands. It would be exceptionally great to be able to buy special kits with these one-off sponsors, ot to have them added to sponsorless shirts.

Stay tuned as we expect the Barcelona 22-23 home kit to be released in May 2022.

Will you get a sponsor-free FC Barcelona 22-23 kit if possible? Comment below.