Ligue 1 Get Rid Off Controversial Shirt Numbers Rule

Update: Ligue's uncommon number rule is history. Players are now free to choose any number between 1-99 (only the No. 1 is reserved for keepers). Previously, players had to wear a number between 1-30 (1, 12, and 30 reserved for keepers), with the exception of special permits and some rare cases like all numbers already occupied.

PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma took the chance and switched to the No. 99 shirt.

Meanwhile, Lacazette is wearing the No. 91 shirt in pre-season but reportedly wants to get the No. 10 shirt.

27 May 2022: Just a year ago there was a lot of speculation about which number Gianluigi Donnarumma would wear following his transfer to PSG - whereas he previously donned number 99 at Milan, this was not possible due to the restrictive numbering rules in Ligue 1 and the Italian ended up settling for number 50 in the end.

Donnarumma to Wear #50 at PSG - #99 Not Allowed

This will totally change next season: As reported by Footpack, Ligue 1 announced that the old number rules are being dropped next season. Starting with the 22-23 season, all Ligue 1 players will be allowed to freely choose any number from two to 99, with only number one being reserved for goalkeepers.

We think it's likely that Donnarumma will take advantage from the new rules and switch to his favorite 99. It will be very interesting to see who else will follow suit over the coming months.

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