Toni Kroos' Old 11pro Boots Almost Completely Broke in Champions League Final

German midfielder Toni Kroos has won a record fifth Champions League title with Real Madrid last Saturday. In the match, he was lucky that his iconic Adidas 11pro boots did not come to pieces.

Kroos decided against the new pair Adidas have him

Toni Kroos has been wearing the same boots since 2014 - the Adidas Adipure 11pro.

Toni Kroos' Adidas Adipure 11pro Boots Partly Broke During Champions League Final

The Adidas 11pro boots used by Kroos in the Champions League final started to tear, as spotted by Thai boot experts Under Stats. Indeed, even the outsole started to come off.

The soleplate started to come off

What is interesting is that Adidas supplied Kroos with a new pair of 11pros ahead of the Champions League final, featuring the match details. Toni Kroos decided against wearing the new pair.

We are very sure that Kroos will soon switch to new boots soon. It also seems an option that his current pair is repaired.

Generally, we are very sure that Kroos has not been wearing the exact same pair of cleats since 2014 but that he has worn out several pairs. It seems impossible that a pair of football boots last for eight years (around 400 games plus training).

What do you think of Toni Kroos wearing boots that almost fell apart in the most important match of the season? Do you also wear your boots until they fall apart? Comment below.