Argentina 2022 World Cup Home Kit Counterfeit - How to Identify the Fake

Some weeks ago, Argentina's World Cup kit for Qatar was leaked. Now there is a fake flying around. Let us find out how what unmasks the counterfeit.

Argentina 2022 World Cup Kit - How to Spot a Fake

It is not easy to spot the fake Argentina World Cup kit at first glance. The fakes look identical to the official Adidas product at first glance, and it also seems to feature all the details of the official kit.

The manufacturing quality is badHowever, a closer look shows off many bad things about the counterfeit. First, the construction of the collar and the overall cut are wrong. For example, the front part of the collar is too thick. The fake also has the wrong Adidas logo, even though that's not easy to see.

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A look at the details also reveals a bad manufacturing quality. The seams inside the collar already come loose, and the crest is badly stitched on the top right.

However, one element is virtually identical to the official product. The printed label inside the collar.

Hecho en Argentina - Adidas produce the Argentina World Cup kits in ArgentinaWhat is interesting is also that the Argentina 2022 World Cup kit is made in Argentina. The fake has been not produced in Argentina but they of course copied the official labeling.

Have you spotted other faked Adidas 2022 World Cup kits? Let us know in the comments below.