Bayern München 22-23 Oktoberfest Kit Released

Update: Bayern Munich have released some (photoshopped) launch pictures of their 2022-2023 Oktoberfest jersey. It will be worn against Bayer Leverkusen on September 30, 2022. We have made a comparison with the 1860 Munich 22-23 Oktoberfest jersey.

Who Did it Best? Bayern vs 1860 Munich 22-23 Oktoberfest Kits

Confirming our previous info, German Rekordmeister Bayern Munich today released a special Oktoberfest kit (also called "Wiesn Kit"). It is made by Adidas and could be worn in one Bundesliga gamethis season, possibly on September 30 against Leverkusen.

It is Bayern's second Oktoberfest kit and the third kit with an Oktoberfest-inspired design.

Bayern Munich 21-22 Oktoberfest Kit Released

We have no info if Bayern will start launching a Wiesn kit every year. In fact, it were Bayern's city rivals 1860 München who started the tradition of releasing special Oktoberfest kits back in 2012.

It were Bayern's city rivals 1860 München who started the tradition in 2012

Bayern München 22-23 Oktoberfest Kit

The Bayern München 22-23 Oktoberfest jersey is wine red (Bordeaux red), combined with gold.

It is not the first time that Bayern get a Bordeaux red kit. Adidas released a wine red Bayern München third kit in the 2006-2007 season.

Bayern München 22-23 Away Kit Released

In terms of the design, the Bayern 22-23 Wiesn kit is nothing new. It features the same template and design as the white & gold 22-23 away kit, while the logos are the same as for the 21-22 Oktoberfest jersey.

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On the front of the new Bayern Oktoberfest kit is the new Telekom logo.

The Adidas FC Bayern München 22-23 Oktoberfest football shirt was released on 14 September 2022. It is only sold to club members, available for 90 Euro.

Bayern will release at least six kits in 22-23Bayern will have at least six kits in 2022-23 if the 10-year champions jersey is counted. Home, away, third, 10-Years Champions, Olympiastadion, and Oktoberfest.

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