Everton 22-23 Home Kit Released

The Everton 22-23 home kit was launched earlier today, introducing a bespoke design in blue and white.

Everton's new 2022-23 home kit is made by Hummel and will be worn in next season's Premier League campaign.

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Everton 22-23 Home Kit

This is Hummel's Everton FC 2022-2023 home jersey.

The Hummel Everton 2022-2023 home shirt has a clean and modern design in blue and white.

What is unique is the geometric pattern. It is inspired by Prince Rupert's Tower, which is the centerpiece of Everton's crest. The tower is also featured in the back-of-neck sign-off.

White shorts and socks complete the Everton 22-23 home kit, although alternative blue versions are available as well.

Everton 22-23 Goalkeeper Home Kit

This picture shows the new GK home jersey for Everton FC:

The Everton 22-23 keeper home kit is green with a contrasting black design.

Everton's 22-23 home and goalkeeper kits were launched on 1 July 2022.

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