Germany Men's Team Violated UEFA Kit Rules By Wearing Kit With 2 Stars

The German Men's national team wore the Euro 2022 Women's kit on Tuesday. It was well welcomed by fans - but the kit that the German Men's team should have been modified to apply to UEFA's Equipment Regulations.

Actually Forbidden By UEFA Rules: German Men's Team Wear Kit With Two Stars

The kit worn by the German Men's national football team featured just two stars instead of four - the Women's won two World Cup titles (2003, 2007).

UEFA might fine Germany

A look at the official UEFA Equipment Regulations reveals that UEFA actually forbid Men's and Women's teams to interchange stars. This is defined in "Article 33 Domestic titles and stars".

Article 33 says that "All of an association’s men’s or women’s representative teams may wear one star on their playing attire for each FIFA World Cup title won by the association’s corresponding (i.e. men’s or women’s) senior national team."

UEFA even displays German's four stars as a prime example

Youth teams are allowed to wear the stars of the respective (Men's or Women's) senior teams but Men's teams can not wear the stars of Women's (and vice versa).

In contrast to Germany, the Spain national team Spain altered the kit to feature the star, added after the 2010 World Cup triumph.

Spain have added the star to the kit

Usually, UEFA are very strict with their Equipment Regulations. Germany could get a fine by UEFA for wearing a kit with two stars but we think it is unlikely the government body will do so.

Manuel Neuer did also wear the Women's goalkeeper kit with two stars instead of four.

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