Adidas Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico 2022 Home Kits Released

With last night's unveiling of the new Mexico kit, Adidas have completed the home kit launches for their fur major American national teams.

The new Argentina, Chile and Colombia 2022 home kits were all launched on 8 July (Friday), with Mexico's following in the early hours of 9 July (Saturday).

Argentina 2022 World Cup Home Kit

The stripes on the new Argentina 2022 World Cup home football shirt are classic, but just on the front. The back stripes are truly unusual - rather than featuring the same width, there are two thinner sky blue stripes in the center, with two wider ones on the outside of the shirt. These larger stripes are about three times as wide as the ones in the middle.

Argentina 2022 World Cup Home Kit Released

Mexico 2022 World Cup Home Kit

The Adidas Mexico 2022 World Cup home kit is green with white shorts and red socks, bringing back Mexico's iconic colors.

Mexico 2022 World Cup Home Kit Released

Colombia 2022 Home Kit

Based on a previously unseen variant of the Adidas 2022 template, Colombia's new 2022 jersey is predominantly yellow combined with navy for the Adidas logo and stripes.

Colombia 2022 Home Kit Released

Chile 2022 Home Kit

Based on Adidas' new template, the Adidas Chile 2022 home jersey is red with a blue and white trim.

Chile 2022 Home Kit Released

Which of the four kits is your favorite? How do you like this first look at Adidas' 2022 World Cup template and design style? Comment below, and check out the World Cup Kit Overview for info on the other teams.