Bayern München 23-24 Kits Won't Feature Giant Telekom Logo

From the 2023-2024 season, the Adidas Bayern München football shirts will feature the new Telekom logo. However, the German telecommunications company won't be able to have their logo as big as for Dutch club Utrecht.

UEFA & Bundesliga Have Maximum Sponsor Logo Size of 200 cm²

The Utrecht Telekom sponsor logo is almost 400 cm² - double of what UEFA allow.

The new Telekom logo is already featured on the FC Utrecht 22-23 home and away kits. As spotted by many, it is extremely large. But this would be not possible for Bayern.

As defined in the official UEFA kit regulations, a sponsor logo is not allowed to exceed 200 cm². We tried to measure the size of the Utrecht Telekom logo - it is almost 400 cm².

The Bundesliga has the same rules for the size of sponsor logos as UEFA, interestingly.

In fact, the new Telekom logo is already featured on the player issue Bayern Munich 22-23 training jerseys. It features the same size we expect for the 23-24 kits.

Meanwhile, Hungarian side Ferencvaros's new 22-23 kit also has the new Telekom logo but is much smaller than Utrecht.

Do you think Telekom would like to have the logo as big as in the Eredivisie? Do you prefer the new Telekom logo over the old one? Comment below.