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Bayern München 23-24 Kits First to Feature New Telekom Logo?

On 17 February 2022, long-term Bayern sponsor Deutsche Telekom released a new logo. However, it is not used for the Adidas Bayern München 22-23 home kit. Let us find out why.

Produciton For Adidas Bayern 22-23 Kits Started Before Telekom Launched The New Logo

The tag of Arsenal's 22-23 home kit reveals that the kit was produced in February 2022

The reason why the new Telekom logo is not featured on Bayern's kit is simple - the production had already started when Deutsche Telekom launched their new logo.

Images of other Adidas 2022-2023 kits reveal that Adidas started production at least in February 2022, and we are pretty sure the first 22-23 kits were produced in December 2021 already.

Telekom did not inform Adidas in time, despite both being shareholders of Bayern

Adidas and Telekom are both shareholders of Bayern, and Bayern's president Herbert Hainer is the former CEO of Adidas - you could have expected that Telekom would have informed Bayern in time to have the new logo featured on the 22-23 kits but they did not so apparently.

Standard Chartered, Nike and Liverpool managed it last year

When Standard Chartered launched their new logo in February 2021, it already featured on the Liverpool 21-22 home kit released three months later.

Meanwhile, the new Telekom logo is already "featured" on the stands, made from people in white clothing.

It is extremely unlikely that the Bayern 22-23 away/third kits will have the new logo. On the other hand, it seems certain that the Bayern Munich 23-24 kits will feature the new Telekom logo for the first time. Production stats in December 2022...

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