Do Charlton's Shirt and Shorts Feature Different Versions of Crest?

Update: Charlton already yesterday debuted their new 2022-2023 Castore home kit in the friendly against Kilmarnock FC. And surprisingly, the shorts worn by the players were a little different from those in the online store.

The shorts worn by Charlton did NOT feature the 3D logo but the classic flat variant. This stands in contrast to the shorts pictured in the official store, which feature a 3D effect.

It seems likely that the shorts in the online store show a prototype. At this point we think that it's unlikely that the version with the 3D crest is actually getting shipped out.

Original Article: We have some rather unusual kit news, as there is an odd inconsistency between Charlton Athletic's jersey and shorts.

Castore Apply Different Club Crest

Here is the possible mistake that can be found on Charlton's home shorts by Castore.

It seems that Castore and Charlton have accidentally applied the 3D Charlton Athletic logo to the new home shorts. When compared to the goalkeeper shorts, where the correct, kit-version of the crest is used, the difference becomes apparent.

Charlton Athletic have a separate version of their club crest better suite the digital era and improve the look on their kits.

The other logo has various impractical 3D effects, such as the shadow behind the hand and sword or the shadow on the blade itself. The red background is also not one solid color tone, the same going for the black outer ring, which clearly has a reflection at the top.

Charlton Athletic's 3D crest also does not have the thick white outline that the new one features.

All these elements can be spotted on the logo that has been applied to Charlton's home shorts. All other shorts and jerseys in the collection so far are unaffected by this potential mistake.

It is hard to say what the reason for this small inconsistency is, it could have been a simple mistake by either the club or outfitter Castore.

What do you think of this one-off 3D logo being applied instead of the usual flat version? Have you ever noticed something similar with other brands or teams? Comment below.