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No More Puma - Umbro Osnabrück 22-23 Home & Third Kits Unveiled

Update: Osnabrück's new 2022-2023 home kit was launched earlier today.

The new Osnabrück third kit was released today. It is made by Umbro, replacing Puma, and will be worn in the 22-23 3. Liga.

VfL Osnabrück's 2022-23 third kit is also called "Black Edition" / "Option Kit". It will be used for the first time at the "Volkswagen Cup 2022" on Saturday.

Osnabrück 22-23 Home Kit

Check out Umbro's Osnabrück 2022-23 home jersey below.

Predominantly purple, the Umbro Osnabrück 2022-23 home shirt features tonal striping as a homage to the shirts worn during the club's early days.

Osnabrück 22-23 Third Kit

Check out Umbro's Osnabrück 2022-23 third football shirt below.

The Umbro VfL Osnabrück 2022-2023 third shirt is inspired by the traditional history and origins. It recalls the pioneering days of the club, which were founded on April 17, 1899. At that time, VfL played in black jerseys, which is probably due to the city colors of Osnabrück.

The Umbro Osnabrück 2022-23 third shirt features a classic round neckline, a subtle pattern of "Umbro Black" and "Dark Grey" in tile shapes reminiscent of the VfL rhomboid, which can be seen on the chest and pants. The Umbro logos are in "Brilliant White."

The Osnabrück wheel is applied to the neck of the jersey. This symbol is not only found again in the coat of arms of the city of peace and the district of Osnabrück but also in earlier VfL logos.

According to the club, it is an "Umbro Black-Edition" with a black jersey, black shorts, and black socks.

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