Sponsorless Inter Home and Away Kits Now Available to Buy

Update: Following in Roma's footsteps, Inter have made both their sponsorless home and away shirts available to buy.

Sponsorless Inter kits go on sale

Inter and Roma both decided to drop the logo of their shared main shirt sponsor, Digitalbits, in the wake of unmade payments. While Roma have emblazoned the initials SPQR across the front of their shirts, Inter have left theirs plain, allowing their famous Nerazzurri stripes to take centre stage.

There were doubts as to whether fans would have the chance to get their hands on them, but sponsorless versions of Inter's home and away shirts are now available to buy from the club website. Versions carrying the Digitalbits logo are still available, with no difference in price between the two. The third and goalkeeper shirts are currently not for sale without the sponsor logo, and it's unclear if they will be in the future.

Both the sponsored and unsponsored kits cost €89.99

It would have been foolish of Inter not to sell them. Although the problems with Digitalbits date back to the very start of the season, the timing of the logo removal has added to its impact. The kit instantly has a more classic look and is something of a rarity. Clubs usually reduce kit prices at the end of the season to make way for new stock, but the novelty of a sponsor-free jersey is something that many fans will be willing to pay full price for.

Add in the fact that it looks like they'll be wearing this shirt in a Champions League final and its appeal grows even stronger. The map design on the away shirt is also more evident now that it's unencumbered by its former crypto logo.

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Update: Inter debuted the sponsorless away kit in an impressive 6-0 win away to Hellas Verona. The unsponsored front allowed the all-over globe map to stand out better. The unsponsored versions of Inter's 22-23 home and away kits are not available for purchase, and likely won't be in the future.

Update: Inter are currently wearing their 2022-2023 home kit without a sponsor in the match vs Lazio. It seems very likely that Inter will maintain a sponsor-free appearance for the remainder of the current season.

Inter Wear Sponsor-Less Kit Vs Lazio After DigitalBits Failed to Make Any Payments

Update: Inter Milan have reportedly ultimately decided to remove the main sponsor, DigitalBits, from their shirt starting from Sunday's game against Lazio.

The removal of the DigitalBits logo comes after DigitalBits failed to pay any of the scheduled installments of their sponsorship deal, totaling around 25.5 million euros.

Negotiations are underway to find a new sponsor for next season

Inter are considering their options regarding the future of their sponsorship deal with DigitalBits, who had signed a contract until 2025. Negotiations are reportedly underway to find a new sponsor for next season.

We certainly will see a completely sponsor-free kit and no black box. The logo has already been removed from the uniforms of the women's and youth teams since Fall 2022, as well as the official website.

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September 2023: Inter to Remove Digitalbits Logo From Shirts by End of October

Update - September 2022: The most definitive update yet on the Digitalbits story, it is being reported in Italy that Inter will remove the sponsor logo from their jerseys by the end of October.

La Gazzetta dello Sport say that the end of the partnership is "inevitable" due to Digitalbits continued failure to make payments to the club. The search for a replacement continues, although no names have been mentioned yet.

Update: According to recent reports from Italy (via La Gazzetta dello Sport as reported by SempreInter.com, DigitalBits have still not made any payments on their sponsorships for both Inter and Roma.

As per the new reports, Inter have decided to remove the DigitalBits logo starting in January 2023 unless DigitalBits start meeting their payment obligations until then. Inter aren't getting their hopes up and are reportedly already looking for a new main sponsor. There are no rumors about potential replacements yet, and should no-one suitable be found until then, Inter could play with sponsor-less shirts or alternatively display the name of a charity.

Update: Inter Milan won the first Serie A match away against Lecce wearing their new 22-23 away kit with the DigitalBits logo on the front. However, the issues with the crypto firm are not sorted, it is reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

DigitalBits have missed a set of paymenets

Despite the fact that DigitalBits, the primary shirt sponsor, have "missed a set of payments", the club have decided to allow the logo to stay on the shirts, for now, . The DigitalBits logo also returned to Inter's website.

Inter Milan could begin legal proceedings

According to Corriere della Sera, Inter Milan could begin legal proceedings against their main sponsor DigitalBits.

Inter Wear Kit With Digitbalbits Logo in First Serie A Matchday

Update: La Gazzetta dello Sport report that the DigitalBits sponsor logo has been already removed from the Women's and Youth teams. In addition, the away shirt release has been postponed.

a change of sponsor does not seem feasible but never say never

Inter could change their sponsor soon. La Gazzetta say that the "change of sponsor does not seem feasible, but never say never".

It remains to be seen if Inter got sponsorless shirts or if they have to cover the logo. The first leaks featured a sponsor placeholder as the deal was sealed relatively late.

Inter's four-year deal worth €85 million with main sponsor DigitalBits has gotten off to a rocky start. The blockchain company have missed the first set of payments, so Inter have removed their branding from the club website and stadium, and are set to hide the logo on their shirts in upcoming friendlies, report la Gazzetta dello Sport.

Inter Remove DigitalBits Branding After Missed Payments

The new sponsorship deal came into effect on the 1st of July and is set to run for four years. DigitalBits were sleeve sponsors last season but their current deal means they will pay Inter €85 million in total for the privilege of having their logo appear on the chest of all of the club's match shirts, as well as additional exposure on the club website, social media and on advertising hoarding.

Since they made the transition from sleeve to main sponsor, DigitalBits have not made any payments to the Nerazzurri. As a result, Inter have removed DigitalBits' logo from the club website and will not display any DigitalBits branding in the stadium during upcoming friendly games. Gazzetta also report that for the friendly game against Lyon tomorrow - and possibly also against Villarreal on the 6th of August - Inter will obscure the sponsor logo from their shirts.

The 22-23 Serie A season kicks off one week later on the 13th of August, when Inter will play their first game against Lecce. If the financial issues have not been resolved by then Inter could well play again in sponsorless shirts. They are reportedly also considering postponing the launch of their away kit, moving it from the beginning of August to September to allow more time to sort things out.

Both Inter and DigitalBits are said to be working together to put things in order, which makes sense seeing as there is a lot of money at stake for the club, and potential for a lot of very bad press for DigitalBits. The value of their cryptocurrency has plummeted recently which is surely contributing to these payment issues. Although a change of sponsor would be a last resort, it can't be ruled out altogether in the case that DigitalBits aren't able to come up with the funds in a timely manner.

It would cause a headache for Inter though, who have already got thousands of 22-23 season shirts printed with the DigitalBits logo.

This saga will make Inter fans long for Pirelli days even more. The blockchain company also sponsor Roma, but there are currently no reported problems in that partnership, while Francesco Totti and David Beckham are on the payroll as global brand ambassadors too. It will be interesting to see if there will be any knock-on effects in any of these other football-based deals.

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