West Ham 22-23 Away Kit Released

West Ham launched their new 2022-23 away kit this morning, confirming the recent leak.

West Ham 22-23 Away Kit

This is the West Ham 2022-2023 away football shirt, made by Umbro.

The Umbro West Ham United FC 22-23 away shirt has a modern design in black and white, rounded off with multicolor sleeve cuffs. All logos on the front a monochromatic white.

What makes the Umbro West Ham United FC 2022-23 away football shirt unique are the sleeve cuffs. They boast a pink, white and sky blue geometrical design.

Black shorts and socks, the former featuring the same print as seen on the sleeve cuffs, complete the new West Ham United 22-23 away kit.

The West Ham 22-23 away shirt is available online, retailing at £65.00.

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Made by Umbro. What do you think about West Ham's away jersey? Drop us a line below, and browse the 22-23 Kit Overview for all Premier League kit leaks.