All ̶9̶ 8 Nike 22-23 Elite Team Third Kits

Update: All Nike 2022-23 third kits have been either released or leaked.

Eight years ago, for the 2014-15 season, Nike for the first released streamlined global third kits for their best teams in the world. Eight years later, the Swoosh still bring out third kits for their Elite Teams, but now each of them features a bespoke design.

Leipzig were downgraded to second-tier levelIn the 2022-2023 season, Nike originally had nine 'Elite' Teams. Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Galatasaray, Inter, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, RB Leipzig and Tottenham. However, Leipzig were downgraded to second-tier level last-minute and do not receive a bespoke design this season.

Nike 2014-2015 third shirts

Nike Global Streamlined Third Kits | 2014 - 2021

Nike 22-23 Elite Team Third Kits

The Nike 2022-2023 third jerseys have one-of-a-kind looks. For example, Barcelona's shirt is light silver with a Blaugrana cross, PSG's shirt is white with a blue/red Hechter, while Liverpool get a dark green and red shirt.

Atletico Madrid's and Inter Milan's 22-23 third shirts have yet to be leakedIn contrast to the designs, the templates are anything but varied. Each jersey is based on the same modern template. The template is inspired by the Total 90 era of the mid-2000s.

Barcelona 2022-23 Third Kit

The Nike Barcelona 2022-2023 third football shirt has a remarkable design. It combines a light grey base color with a Blaugrana cross on the front.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Third Kit Released

Inter Milan 2022-23 Third Jersey

The Nike Football Club Internazionale Milano 2022-23 third shirt combines a bright yellow main color with black logos. Officially, the colors are "Dynamic Yellow / Black".

Inter Milan 22-23 Third Kit Leaked

Liverpool 22-23 Third Kit

The Nike Liverpool 2022-2023 third shirt combines a dark teal base with light teal and striking red logos. Officially, the colors of Liverpool's 22-23 third kit are "Dark Atomic Teal / Rio Teal / Siren Red".

Liverpool 22-23 Third Kit Released

Chelsea 2022-23 Third Kit

The Nike Chelsea 2022-2023 third jersey combines a 'Sesame' (gold) base with black and orange.

Chelsea 22-23 Third Kit Leaked

Tottenham Hotspur 22-23 Third Kit

The Nike Spurs 2022-23 third shirt introduces a dazzling look in Dark Turquoise with accents and trim in black and white.

Tottenham Hotspur 22-23 Third Kit Released

Paris Saint-Germain 22-23 Third Jersey

The Nike PSG 2022-23 third shirt features the same design as the home shirt but in different colors. It is white with Hechter in blue (Game Royal) and red.

PSG 22-23 Third Kit Released

Atlético Madrid 2022-23 Third Shirt

The Nike Atlético Madrid 2022-23 third football shirt combines different shades of orange and red with black for the Swoosh. It is a very interesting and fresh color combo for the club, inspired by the fruit of the strawberry tree that can be found in the club's crest.

Atlético Madrid 22-23 Third Kit Released - Inspired By Fruit Of Strawberry Tree

Galatasaray 2022-23 Third Kit

The Nike Galatasaray 2022-23 third jersey is mainly white, combined with red logos as well as trim in red and orange.

Galatasaray 22-23 Third Kit Leaked

RB Leipzig 22-23 Third Kit

The Nike RB Leipzig 22-23 third jersey is mainly black with a red graphic on the front and lower back.

RB Leipzig 22-23 Third Kit Released - Demoted to Teamwear?!

RB Leipzig 22-23 Third Kit Info Leaked

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