TeamViewer Won't Extend Manchester United Deal Beyond 2026

German software provider Teamviewer are not going to extend their contract as Manchester United's main sponsor. This has been confirmed in the company's second quarter statement.

TeamViewer Share Price Has Fallen 71% Since The Deal Was Announced 18 Months Ago

The partnership, which runs until 2026 and is expected to cost around UK£47.5 million, had only been announced by the club and the Goeppingen-based company in March 2021.

TeamViewer's deal with Manchester United was just signed last year, valid for five years

Confirming the decision in their second quarter statement, TeamViewer said: "TeamViewer do not intend to extend the sponsorship agreement with Manchester United beyond its term. While the partnership and its brand-building effect has been positive over the past year, the company have decided to reassess their long-term marketing strategy in light of the current macro environment.

TeamViewer expect a significant margin improvement when the Man United deal expires

"Having successfully implemented short-term measures to improve the bottom line, such as parts of ReMax and the refinancing, the company are now increasingly focusing on medium-term measures to ensure and increase their high profitability. TeamViewer expect that the combined effect of these measures will result in a significant improvement in the company’s margin following the end of the current sponsorship agreement."

There is no clause that allows TeamViewer to end the deal ahead of schedule. However, we think that an early end of the Manchester United x TeamwViewer deal is well possible.

We think an early end of the deal is possible

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