Worse Than Adidas 2018 World Cup? Brondby 22-23 Away Kit Features Illegible Font

Brøndby's new 2022-23 away kit comes with a unique kit typeface...

Brondby IF 22-23 Away Jersey Font

This is the Brondby IF 22-23 away font.

The new Brøndby 2022-2023 away font is inspired by graffiti and completes the tattoo-inspired design of the jersey. But while the idea is not bad, the font has a problem. The text is poorly legible, even worse than the Adidas font for the 2018 World Cup.

Brondby IF 22-23 Away Kit

Brondby IF 22-23 Away Kit Released

Brøndby presented an example of its new font. It takes a while to read the lettering. The picture shows the jersey with the number 36 from Kvistgaarden.

We are not sure if this typeface would be forbidden by UEFA. However, Brøndby won't play international football next season (beaten by Basek) so we will never find out. It remains to be seen if the Danish Superliga will allow Brøndby to wear the font but we are pretty sure they will.

Brøndby 22-23 Home Kit

Brøndby 22-23 Home Kit Released

Meanwhile, the typeface of the Hummel Brøndby 22-23 home kit is very standard.

The official Brondby 2022-2023 away kit font costs you an extra 125 Danish krone (17 Euro) in the club's official store. The shirt retails at 599 Danish krone (80 Euro).

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