More 2022 World Cup Away Kits in Home Colours

Update: Here are four more color-swaps kits from Bleacher Report, featuring France, Mexico, Spain, and South Korea. The mock-up is on the right, original on the left. Scroll down to the original article for comparison photos with the actual home and away kits.

Original article: The graphics team at Bleacher Report have swapped out the colourways of some World Cup shirts, applying home colours to the away designs.

World Cup Away Kits in Home Colours

Official left, edit right.

When countries release their new sets of international kits, we quite often see an attempt at finding a balance. One shirt tends to be more traditional, while the other can be a little more experimental. Bleacher Report have combined the away kits of Argentina, Brazil, England and Portugal with each country's home colours with results that fall on both sides of this spectrum. Check out their mock-ups below, with the home and away kits included for comparison.

Argentina's shirt would be quite a departure from their usual full-length stripes and Brazil's jaguar print sleeves would definitely be a flashy addition to their home shirt. Portugal's has opened the angle up to 90 degrees for a reproduction of their flag while if Nike had released that England shirt instead of their actual home kit, they would likely have sold a few more replicas.








South Korea

What do you think of these mock-ups? Are any of them an improvement on the original? Comment below.