Kit Clash? - Hertha and Schalke Both Wear Light Kits

Today's Bundesliga match between Hertha and Schalke was met with several complaints from fans, who had trouble properly visually distinguishing the two sides.

Hertha and Schalke Wear Similarly Light Outfits

Hertha of course wore their usual blue and white stripes, combined with blue shorts and white socks. The kit itself is mainly white, including an almost solid white back.

Schalke's first two kit choices are both not suitable for this match, as one is blue and the other white. This leaves only their third kit, which has a light mint colour.

Depending on the lighting, it can appear similar to white, which makes up the majority of Hertha's home look. The result is a mainly white team playing against an off-white looking side.

The TV images show that these opposing colours are quite similar. This begs the question why Schalke did not release a dark kit for their 22-23 line-up. Since their home and away shirts are blue and white, it seems like a no-brainer that a colour contrasting both of these is necessary for the third option. Mint does not fulfill this requirement, however.

Our best solution for this small kit dilemma would have been Hertha wearing their navy away outfits, something they did several times at home last season. Alternatively, Schalke could have opted for a new black fourth jersey, perhaps even a simple teamwear solution.

What do you think of the kits worn in today's match? What would your ideal solution be? Comment below.