Liverpool 23-24 Away Kit Prediction

Update: @ismet1m00 has created a 3D render based on the Liverpool 2023-24 prediction that was shared by @AggerR4ul earlier this week.

Taking into account the official colorway as well as leaked products from the collection, @AggerR4ul_ has created a full prediction of the new Liverpool FC 23-24 away uniform.

Liverpool 23-24 Away Kit (Early Prediction)

Check out @ismet1m00's render of @AggerR4ul's prediction of the Nike Liverpool Football Club 23-24 away shirt below.

The predicted Nike Liverpool Football Club 2023-24 away football shirt combines white and green with logos and accents in black.

Based on the associated collection items, the Nike Liverpool 23-24 away jersey could very well feature a 90s-esque pattern combining the two principal colors.

How accurate is this prediction?

For one, the colorway of the Liverpool 23-24 away jersey has been known for a while - "White / Green Spark / Black".

Liverpool 23-24 Home & Away Kit Colors Leaked

There's also a good chance that there will be a graphic on the Liverpool 2023-24 away shirt similar to the one seen on the prediction. This is simply based on what can be seen on products from the accompanying collection, which got leaked recently.

However, since it's still very early days, other aspects are less likely to be accurate. For example, it's impossible to know which template Nike will use for the Liverpool away kit, or even how Nike's 23-24 templates will look like exactly. There hasn't been a full leak of a Nike 23-24 kit yet.

Would you like the Liverpool 23-24 away kit to look like this prediction? Comment below.