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Confirmed: AS Roma Are No Adidas Elite Team

For the 2023-2024 season, Adidas signed historic Italian club AS Roma. Now it is confirmed which treatment Roma get from the Three Stripes for the 2023-2024 season, and it is not the brand's top.

Like all big brands, Adidas have different levels of sponsorship for their football clubs. Elite (top-tier), Premium (second-tier), Standard (third-tier), 3rd Party (fourth-tier), and no direct contract (lowest tier).

AS Roma to Become Adidas 'Premium' Club - Second Level

Adidas are reportedly paying Roma only €5 million per season, which is much less than the Adidas top teams get (40-100 million Euro). Adidas will supply kits for their men's, women's, youth, and esports teams.

Roma did not become one of Adidas' 5 Elite clubs but will be on the brand's second level. This means that Roma have a similar treatment as Ajax, Celtic, River Plate, and Boca Juniors. But what does this mean concretely?

Roma get not authentic jerseys

Roma Get Bespoke Kits But No Authentic Jerseys For the 2023-2024 Season

Roma receive bespoke home, away, and third kits from Adidas, plus a bespoke training collection.

Roma did not get Adidas authentic jerseys, and will also not get one of the Adidas 23-24 third Lifestyler (sponsorless) jerseys. AS Roma will probably also not get any of the other collections that are exclusive for the Adidas Elite teams, such as remake jerseys.

The Roma 2023-2024 kits feature the brand's replica Areoready technology and stitched logos.

Adidas may give select special collections to Roma, depending on sales

However, there is a chance that Adidas will give Roma more items and better treatment depending on the success of the club and sales in the future.

AS Roma 23-24 Kits - 100% Bespoke Designs But Only Available as "Replica", Players Also Wear Replica

AS Roma 23-24 Pre-Match Jersey - Based on Adidas Teamwear Template

The Adidas AS Roma 2023-2024 (pre-mach) jersey is inspired by the iconic Adidas design of 1988. The Adidas A.S.Roma 2023-2024 football shirt combines a red base with white logos and a subtle geometric design.

AS Roma 23-24 Training Kit - Custom Colorway

The Adidas AS Roma 23-24 training football shirt has a stylish design in black, combined with AS Roma's red and orange-yellow colors. It has a black body, orange-yellow logos, and red sleeves.

Adidas AS Roma Treatment - Second-Tier (Premium Level)

  • Below Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Man Utd & Real Madrid
  • Same level as Ajax, Celtic. Boca, River Plate and other "Premium" teams
  • Bespoke home, away and third jerseys
  • No authentic kits available to buy
  • No collections that are exclusive for Elite teams like remake kits and sponsorless third kits

The first-ever Adidas Roma kits of the partnership were launched in July 2023.

Would you have expected Roma to be a second-tier Adidas team? Do you hope that the club will get authentic kits from the 2024-2025 season, even though it is (very) unlikely? Comment below.