No More Adidas: James Rodríguez Spotted Wearing Branded Nike Boots

Update: Not only does this make it more likely that James's Adidas deal has indeed already ended, it could also mean that he's edging closer to moving to Nike. Thanks to Camilo for the heads-up.

Recently we reported about former Real Madrid star James Rodríguez, aged 31, who is currently at Olympiacos, returning to the boots he wore at the 2014 World Cup.

Since then, it's been brought to our attention that James has once again switched boots, lacing up in various pairs of blacked-out boots from the likes of Mizuno and Nike on duty with Olympiacos. This likely means that his deal with Adidas has ended and he's now looking for a new sponsorship.

As mentioned above, James Rodríguez has worn boots from both Mizuno and Nike, and there's no way to know whether James will move to one of those brands or even stay with Adidas in the end.

James Rodríguez was the breakout star of the 2014 World Cup. He won the Golden Boot in the 2014 World Cup with 6 goals and also won the award for the best goal of the tournament. His exceptional performances earned him a move to Real Madrid.

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