Next-Gen Adidas X Crazyfast Boots Released - Available in 3 Different Versions

Adidas this morning launched the new-generation X Crazyfast boots, featuring lightweight 'Aero' technologies designed to enhance speed in all aspects of the game.

The new Adidas X boots are available in three models: 'Crazyfast+', 'Crazyfast.1 Laced,' and 'Crazyfast.1 Laceless.' The 'Crazyfast+' model, which offers the highest level of innovation, will be worn by FIFA Women's World Cup later this month and will be available in three country colorways for that tournament - Australia, Brazil and USA.

The design of all three Adidas X Crazyfast boot models incorporates input from both male and female players to ensure performance benefits for all.

Adidas X Crazyfast Launch Edition - Crazyrush - White / Black / Lucid Lemon

This picture shows the all-new Adidas X Crazyfast+ boots.

The new Adidas X Crazyfast football boots have a design that is all about speed. What is possibly most interesting about the Adidas X Crazyfast soccer cleats in terms of design is the Three Stripes. Called "Dynamic Double Branding", each stripe has a different length, resulting in a new look.

The upper of the Adidas X Crazyfast comes with the new Adidas logo and the new Crazyfast logo. For the Crazyrush launch edition, Adidas opt for a very modern look. Adidas combine a white upper with black logos, and striking high-vis yellow graphic elements.

Officially, the colors of the "Crazyrush" New Season Adidas X Crazyfast football boot launch colorway are White / Black / Lucid Lemon. The Crazyrush Pack includes Copa and Predator cleats in the same colorway.

Adidas X Crazyfast - Tech

The new Adidas X Crazyfast includes a lighter AEROPLATE insert in the sole plate, providing comfort, responsiveness, and traction. The upper features AEROCAGE for support, stability, and AEROPACITY SPEEDSKIN for breathability and comfort. The Crazyfast+ model has a lightweight upper with AEROPACITY SPEEDSKIN+ and AEROCAGE+ for enhanced support at high speeds.

Furthermore, the X Crazyfast soccer cleats are eco-friendly, containing zero virgin polyester and having a 15% lower carbon footprint compared to previous versions.

The new Adidas X Crazyfast+ features Aeropacity Speedskin, Aerocage, and Aeroplate. All this is made to offer more lockdown for more speed while reducing weight without sacrificing touch.

Aeropacity Speedskin

  • Single layer monomesh covered by purposefully placed double layer of low opacity TPU film for stability & comfort
  • Offering second skin feel & lightweight design


  • Engineered lining skeleton for ideal support and stability
  • Considered cutouts for better fit & lightweight performance


  • New lightweight tooling inlay
  • Aerodynamic design for speed x comfort
  • Weight reduction vs. X22 (-5g)
  • Performance tested & validated
  • Increased sustainability standard (64% bio based)

Dynamic Double Branding

  • Fast double branding on forefoot
  • Textured stripe execution, adding perforations for lighter visual and improved haptic and performance

The Adidas X Crazyfast cleats were launched on 4 July 2023. They retail at £250 for the Crazyfast+, £230 for the Crazyfast .1 LL and £220 for the Crazyfast .1. They are available for purchase from and select retailers.

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