Exclusive: Next-Gen Adidas X Crazyfast 23-24 Boots - First Picture + Tech Features Leaked

Update: We can leak the first small picture of the launch colorway, the official launch colors, plus the tech features of the next-generation Adidas X Crazyfast 2023-2024 football boots.

Adidas X Crazyfast - First Picture

The picture shows off the launch colorway of the Adidas X Crazyfast. The official colorway is "White/Black/Lucid Lemon".

Adidas X Crazyfast.1 - Tech Features

Aeropacity Speedskin
  • Single layer monomesh covered by purposelfully placed double layer of low opacity TPU film for stability & comfort
  • Offering second skin feel & lightweight design

  • Engineered lining skeleton for ideal support and stability
  • Considered cutouts for better fit & lightweight performance

  • New lightweight tooling inlay
  • Aerodynamic design for speed x comfort
  • Weight reduction vs. X22 (-5g)
  • Performance tested & validated
  • Increased sustainability standard (64% bio based)

Dynamic Double Branding
  • Fast double branding on forefoot
  • Textured stripe execution, adding perforations for lighter visual and improved haptic and performance

Adidas X Crazyfast Name Leaked

We can leak the first information about the next-generation Adidas X 2023 football boots. They are the successor of the Adidas X Speedportal.

Adidas X Crazyfast

The next-generation Adidas X soccer cleats are called Adidas X Crazyfast. It is a fitting name for a boot that is made for lightweight and ultimate speed.

The logo of Adidas' new X Crazyfast boots is as you would expect. It has a font that showcases speed. It remains to be seen if we will see the Crazyfast logo on the out area of the Adidas X Crazyfast. It is most likely on the insole only.

the laceless variant is called "LL" instead of +Adidas will again release a laceless (Adidas X Crazyfast.1 LL) and a laces (Adidas X Crazyfast.1) variant - the laceless variant is now called ".1 LL" instead of "+". The + is gone altogether.

No player has been spotted wearing Adidas' new X Crazyfast football boots in training yet, and there are also not any pictures of them.

The exact tech features of the Adidas X Crazyfast 2023 cleats are not known yet.

Adidas X Crazyfast - Features

  • Successor of the Adidas X Speedportal
  • Laceless (LL - New Name) & Laces (.1) variants
  • Released for 2023-24 season
  • Increased Speed: Weight reduced compared to Adidas X Speedportal
  • Exact features not known yet
  • No player spotted wearing them yet
  • Price: 270 USD (around EUR 240, GBP 200)
  • Release date: July 2023

The new Adidas X Crazyfast.1 boots are set to be available from July 2023, retailing at 270 USD (around EUR 240, GBP 200).

Do you look forward to seeing the new Adidas X Crazyfast soccer boots? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the Boot Calendar for more Adidas boots.