Serie B Sides Frosinone and Ascoli Play Match in Retro-Inspired Kits

Ascoli took on Frosinone at the weekend and bot sides wore special kits inspired by shirts from their archives.

Ascoli vs Frosinone Played in Retro Kits

Frosinone travelled to Ascoli and came away with a 1-0 victory on Friday night in a standard Serie B fixture, but one thing that stood out about the match was the kits worn by both teams. Ascoli had launched a special shirt for their 124th anniversary, taking inspiration from an away design used in the 91-92 season, while for no apparent reason in particular, Frosinone decided to pay homage to their 73-74 home shirt.

Ascoli 22-23 Special Kit

Check out Ascoli's 124th anniversary shirt below and the retro jersey it's based on.

Ascoli's 22-23 special kit has a blue base colour with a design taken from the club's 91-92 away jersey. Black and white stripes have some diagonal segments removed, leaving a pattern of rhomboids at the bottom of the shirt.

A vintage crest is used in place of their modern day version and the back of the neck carries a white inscription. Retro style namesets were also applied for the match.

Frosinone 22-23 Special Kit

This is Frosinone's retro shirt from Zeus, followed by the 73-74 kit that inspired it.

The Frosinone 22-23 uniform is yellow with a blue sash and very retro lace-up collar. Zeus have coloured their logo the same shade of yellow as the base so as to render it more or less invisible.

A vintage crest was also used on the new Frosinone 22-23 strip, with a large lion stitched onto the shirt in place of their current badge.

More to Come?

Designated retro shirt games are something that have been talked about in the past and Ascoli vs Frosinone gave us a taste of that, even if Ascoli's shirt is more of a modern take on an old classic. Better yet would be to see the teams wearing original shirts from a chosen season, but it would likely be almost impossible to source them, so reproductions would be a more viable option.

An initiative like this could be introduced once a season, but rather than clubs and kit suppliers producing a limited quantity of the kits and selling them for an eye-watering price, clubs could produce just enough jerseys for the squad and then auction them off for charity. This would surely be more meaningful than the ever growing fourth and "special" kit market.

Would you like to see more one off retro shirts being worn like this? Comment below.