Venezuela to Have New Kit Maker for 2023

We have international kit news from South America, as Venezuela are set to leave Italian brand Givova.

Venezuela to Leave Givova

Venezuela and Givova have been looking to split up, with their contract ending in early 2023.

There were multiple issues FVF had with Givova, including an absurd event where the brand failed to deliver Venezuela's kits in time. They instead bought teamwear jerseys from a local Spanish brand and removed all tags and logos, adding their own and FVF's.

Apart from this embarrassing occurance, Givova have also had trouble producing the proper wine red color for Venezuela, causing an uproar amongst fans.

It has since been rumored that the FVF could resign with Adidas (2005-2018), who they had some differences with in 2018. In general, it is reported that Venezuela are looking for another multi-year deal.

What do you think of Venezuela and Givova parting ways? Who should step in as the new kit supplier? Comment below.