Insane? Every Single Shirt, Short & Sock Registered for the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup has been a big success for FIFA so far, at least when it comes to teams complying with their Equipment Rules. No captain did wear the "One Love" armband (a success only/mainly? for FIFA), and, for the advantage of everyone, there have been no obvious kit clashes. This has been also guaranteed because teams had to register all their playing items for the 2022 World Cup.

There are no unknown player kits in the data

The 2022 World Cup Kit Colors data was published by FIFA to registered journalists. Leonardo Bertozzi (@lbertozzi) from ESPN Brazil published the info for the public.

2022 World Cup 'Team Colors' - Every Registered World Cup Playing Attire

Foremost, and most importantly, there is no player kit visible in the 2022 World Cup data that has been not known before.

Croatia's lone turquoise alternative socks

What is most interesting to see is how many different shorts, socks & goalkeeper jerseys teams have registered. For example, Argentina registered not less than four keeper jerseys. But there are also some odd things viable in the data...

Croatia Registered Turquoise Socks

Croatia have registered turquoise socks, certainly to be worn with their 2022 World Cup away kit in case of a socks clash.

Germany Register Almost Identical Alternative White Shorts

Germany have registered two almost identical alternative shorts - one is white/bronze, the other white/black. It's hard to tell what's the difference between them from the blurry picture.

Nike 2022 World Cup Goalkeeper Kits - No Variation in Design Except for Brazil

What is also odd is to see the goalkeeper kits of teams sponsored by Adidas, Nike, and Puma-sponsored teams. It confirms that there is practically no variety - except for Brazil, who got bespoke keeper kits.

Have you observed any other strange items registered? Comment below.