These 17 Kits Were Never Worn at the 2022 World Cup

Update - December 22, 2022: After the World Cup semi finals, 3rd place play-off and final, France still did not wear their away kit. As for Croatia, who held off on theirs for a while, we got to see the away shirt in action against Argentina.

Original - December 10, 2022: Before the 2022 World Cup, every nation revealed their highly anticipated home and away shirts, some even a third jersey. Fans all over the world will forever associate these kits with the tournament, however, not all of them will ever be worn in Qatar.

Let's take a look at the shirts we will never see or have not yet seen at this World Cup.

Shirts That Were Never Worn

Of course there are no home kits on this list, but plenty of away shirts. Many of these teams were also eliminated during the group stage.

England Away

Netherlands Away

France Away

Belgium Away

Germany Away

Wales Away

Ghana Away

South Korea Away

Poland Away

Tunisia Away

Cameroon Away

Mexico Away

Japan Away

Along with Mexico, it is also quite a pity to never have seen Japan's away kit on the pitch at the World Cup.

One fun fact is that Canada were the only side to wear all three of their kits. Considering the nation only played the three group stage matches, this is quite an impressive statistic.

Cameroon, Denmark, Tunisia and Ecuador Third

Meanwhile Ecuador, Denmark, Tunisia and Cameroon had 3rd kits, however they were not worn.

Which of these kits would you like to have seen, and which ones were not missed? Comment below.