WOW: 3 Adidas Boot Packs at Once Released

Adidas today shake up the football boot market with the release of three new boot packs all at once.

It is the first time (ever?) that Adidas launch three football boot collections on the same date, increasing the hype for the new football boots in comparison to the standard scheme of releasing only one boot pack at a time.

First 3 Adidas 2023 Soccer Cleats Packs - "Own Your Football", "Nightstrike" and "Pearlized" - Launch 1 February 2023

The first Adidas 2023 soccer cleat packs are named "Own Your Football", "Nightstrike" and "Pearlized". They will include the popular silos Copa, Predator, and X.

The Adidas "Own Your Football" Pack football boots have already been worn by top Adidas players such as Lionel Messi, Thomas Müller, and Serge Gnabry in the past few weeks.

Adidas 2023 "Own Your Football" Boots Pack - On-Pitch Soccer Cleats Collection

Adidas 2023 "Pearlized" Boots Pack - Whiteout Soccer Cleats Collection

Adidas 2023 "Nightstrike" Boots Pack - Blackout Soccer Cleats Collection

The Adidas 2023 "Own Your Football" football boots pack is the main pack - it combines the classic black and white colors with pink. The "Nightstrike" pack is a blackout football boots pack, featuring all-black boots. And finally, the "Pearlized" pack features all-white boots, perfect for those looking for a clean and classic look.

Overall, Adidas play it very safe, offering something for everyone, including the best seller - blackout.

These could sell like hotcakes

The release date for all three packs is February 1, 2023.

Adidas Release 3 Boot Packs At Once - Fact Sheet

  • Adidas release three new boot packs on February 1, 2023: "Own Your Football", "Nightstrike", and "Pearlized"
  • The packs include popular silos Copa, Predator, and X.
  • The "Own Your Football" pack features bold and unique designs.
  • The "Nightstrike" pack is an all-black blackout pack.
  • The "Pearlized" pack features all-white boots for a clean and classic look.
  • This is a big move by Adidas, as it is unusual for a company to release three! packs at the same time.

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