Adidas "Own Your Football" Boots Pack Released - First Adidas 2023 On-Pitch Boots Collection - Ft. Next-Gen Copa & Predator

After the 2022 World Cup, club football has returned. Of course, Adidas have prepared a new football boots collection to replace the 2022 World Cup soccer cleats pack, the "Al Rihla" collection. Introducing the Adidas "Own Your Football" collection.

Oddly, the first Adidas 2023 main cleats pack was already worn by all of Adidas' best players weeks ahead of its release, including Messi, Salah, Pedri, and others.

"Own Your Football" - First Adidas 2023 On-Pitch Football Boots Pack

The first Adidas 2023 main soccer cleats collection, the "Own Your Football" pack, introduces streamlined yet "bold" colors to make an impact on the pitch. This also makes it very easy at first glance to see which players are sponsored by Adidas.

Next-Gen Adidas Copa Pure Laceless

Adidas combine three main colors for the "Own Your Football" football boots collection - black, white, and pink. Similar to how Adidas rank the silos, the silos are styled.

Two next-generation cleats are included in the pack

The Copa is the most classic of the Adidas silos, so it only has pops of pink. The Predator range is in the middle, so they have more pink. The X is the most modern, so they are mainly pink.

Next-Gen Adidas Predator Accuracy .1

In terms of tech, the Adidas 2023 main pack is also very interesting. It brings us the next-generation Copa Pure and Predator Accuracy.

Adidas Copa Pure - Next-Gen 2023 Copa Soccer Cleats

The next-generation Adidas Copa 2023 football boots are made to offer virtuoso ball control without any disturbing elements - a pure football boot for perfect touch and control.

Adidas Predator Accuracy - Black / White / Team Shock Pink

For the launch colorway of Predator Accuracy, Adidas combine the main color black with white and pink. The official colorway is "Black / White / Team Shock Pink".

Adidas X Speedportal '2023 On-Pitch #1' - Team Shock Pink/Black/White

The new Adidas X Speedportal+ 2023 On-Pitch #1 soccer boots have a bold colorway. They combine a pink & black upper with white for the Three Stripes and the Adidas logo on the heel area.

The Adidas "Own Your Football", the first Adidas 2023 on-pitch collection, was released on Wednesday, 1 February 2023. The Adidas Copa boots were already released in mid-January 2023.

Do you like the color scheme of the first Adidas main pack for 2023, the "Own Your Football" pack? Comment below, and make sure to check out the ever-updated Boot Calendar for a compact overview of all leaked and released football boots.