Nara Club 2023 Home and Away Kits Released - Ft. Graphic of Club Fans

Japanese third-division team Nara Club released their 2023 kits this week. They are made by local sports apparel Squadra.

Nara Club 2023 Home Kit

This is the Nara Club 2023 Home jersey, made by Squadra.

The Squadra Nara Club 2023 Home shirt is designed with a blue colored base with a combination of white, red and black in other details, including logos. Another interesting part of the jersey would be its drawing of fans in red at the side and bottom part.

The club also maintains its small deer Logo, which remains a key part of their new kit this year.

Moreover, making the Squadra Nara Club 2023 Home shirt more special is that the fabric is covered with a cloisonne pattern, which is basically an endless connected circle.

Nara Club 2023 Away Kit

Aside from the home kit, Squadra and Nara Club also released the club's away jersey that has the same template as the home one. However, the major difference between both jerseys is in the color base as the away kit uses white.

Squadra Nara Club 2023 Goalkeeper Shirts

The Squadra Nara Club 2023 Goalkeeper football shirt was released in two versions, the home and away ones with the same template as its home and away jersey.

The goalie home kit is being set with a green color as its base while the away one is designed in a magenta color.

What's your verdict on the Nara Club Home, Away, and goalkeeper kits by Squadra? Comment below.