Revolutionary? Decathlon Launch Sustainable Football Boots With 10-Year Warranty

Kipsta, the French football brand of sports giants Decathlon, have created a buzz on social media with their latest release, the Traxium Compressor football boot.

First and foremost, it is unlikely that any high-profile players will be seen wearing them - first, Kipsta only have 2-3 pro footballers under contract, and second, there are no experiences on how they perform.

Kipsta Traxium Compressor Football Boots

The Kipsta Traxium Compressor football boot is unique in that it is non-stitched and adhesive-free.

Decathlon offer a 10-year warranty on the upper/sole bond

Decathlon claim that it is 3.5 times more durable than the average football shoe - but not only that. They give a 10-year warranty on the upper/sole bond.

The Traxium Compressorsoccer cleats were co-developed and manufactured at the Demgy Atlantique Traxium Compressor factory in Nant, using recycled materials for single-piece molding without the need for nails or glue to hold the shoe and outsole together.

Kipsta Traxium Compressor - Prototypes

The upper of the shoe has been laser-textured for improved ball control.

The Traxium Compressor soccer cleat is also in line with Decathlon's brand direction of using recycling materials, with the goal of 100% of products benefiting from an environmental design approach by 2026.

Kipsta Traxium Compressor 'Launch Edition' - Features

  • DURABILITY: Innovative TXCompressor® technology with a fused upper and indestructible sole
  • ECO-DESIGN: Incredibly durable football boots (348 XP) with a reduced CO2 impact
  • BALL CONTROL: Laser-etched TXGrip system on the upper in the shape of a "+"
  • BALL TOUCH: Thin, flexible upper provides good ball feel, with bare-foot effect
  • FITTING COMFORT: Knit sock with patented foam inserts to keep you comfortable
  • FIT: Good support of the foot without the need for laces
  • TRACTION: Traxium® sole for amazing grip on dry pitches
  • EASY DRESSING: Extra-flexible reinforced fabric collar makes it easy to pull these boots on
  • Price: 95 Euro
  • Colorway: Black
  • Release date: January 2023

The Kipsta Traxium Compressor football shoes from the new 'launch' pack are available in very limited quantities since January 2023, retailing at 95 Euro. It is only available in sizes 42 to 47. All sizes except 44 (many pairs apparently still available) and 47 (4 sizes left) are already sold out.

Just 95 Euro - The price is very fair and well below the top brands

The success of the shoe in terms of usability and popularity remains to be seen, but in terms of production, Kipsta might have passed Adidas, Nike, and Puma with their advanced production technology.

Revolutionary? What do you think of the Kipsta Traxium Compressor football boots? Let us know in the comments below.