EXCLUSIVE: No More Nike? Jack Grealish to Join Puma

Manchester City's Jack Grealish has been spotted training in the latest Puma boots, suggesting that he could join the Cat. Big thanks to Brayden for the spot.

The England international Jack Grealish has worn Nike football boots for his entire career, but it seems he may be contemplating a change in sponsor.

There are no official confirmations or statements regarding Jack Grealish potentially switching from his current sponsor, Nike, to Puma. Indeed, there is only that blurry snap from Manchester City training that was sent to us by Brayden.

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Jack Grealish Trains in Puma Future Ultimate Boots

Grealish has been trying out the latest Puma Future Ultimate boots suggesting that his contract with Nike may be up soon.

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Indeed, Puma have signed many players from Nike in the past 2-3 years, including Neymar, Kingsley Coman, and Raphael Varane. Grealish would become one of their highest-profile players if he were to join them.

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Recently, Grealish switched to the brand-new Nike Phantom GX soccer cleats, Nike's new control silo.

Watch out for Grealish's boots against Tottenham tonight. We don't think he will already debut Puma boots in an official match.

Do you think it would be a good move for Grealish to switch to Puma? Let us know in the comments.