Olivier Giroud to Receive Custom Boots to Mark Goalscoring Record

It looks like Olivier Giroud is about to receive a personalised pair of Puma Ultras to celebrate becoming France's all time top goalscorer.

Giroud to Receive Customised Boots

Although the World Cup did not end the way he would have liked, Olivier Giroud still came away from the tournament having set a new goalscoring record with the French national team. His four goals took his total to 53, surpassing Thierry Henry to become the country's all time leading goalscorer.

Footwear customisation specialist and frequent Puma collaborator @silni.art shared a photo yesterday of a white pair of Puma Ultras with a French tricolour paintjob. He posed the question "Who gets the golden kick?" and the most likely answer is Giroud. Gold leaf has also been applied to the toe box of the boots, the clearest indicator that they are for the AC Milan forward rather than any of his Puma-sponsored international teammates.

Setting a new goalscoring record is an achievement frequently celebrated with a custom pair of boots from the player's sponsor, and the gold leaf looks to be a nod to Giroud taking first place in that regard for France. He's also been a Puma player since the start of his career and at 36 years old, he's still one of their main men, so a little recognition wouldn't go amiss.

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