Palermo Give Travelling Fans Free Jerseys

In a gesture of goodwill, Palermo gifted 222 travelling fans a free shirt after their away game against Ascoli was postponed at the last minute.

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Palermo Away Fans receive Free Jerseys

Palermo were scheduled to play Ascoli in Serie B on Saturday afternoon but due to a problem with their chartered plane their travel plans were disrupted. 15 minutes after take-off on Friday evening, the pilot was forced to turn around and return to Palermo as the windshield of the plane was cracked. The squad had to wait for another plane to arrive from Bergamo in the north of Italy which meant they didn't set off until 3:40 am, arriving at their hotel in Ascoli at 6:30am on matchday.

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Given these circumstances, the match was postponed until 2pm on Sunday. Bad news for the away fans whose travel arrangements were planned around the original Saturday kick-off time. As a way of making it up to them, Palermo announced that the 222 fans who bought a ticket for the match can redeem it for a jersey at the club shop or online.

A nice gesture from the club and some bit of compensation for those who made a wasted journey. They'll be able to choose from Palermo's home, away and third jerseys, which make up probably the nicest set of jerseys in Serie B this season. Goalkeeper Mirko Pigliacelli opted for the away shirt in the 2-1 over Ascoli, à la Gianluigi Buffon.

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