LEAKED: Adidas to Use Tricolor Stripes For Real Madrid and Manchester United in 23-24 Season

Adidas will use tricolor stripes on various items for Real Madrid and Manchester United's 23-24 collection, we can leak.

Also For Match Kits? Tricolor Stripes for Real Madrid and Manchester United in 23-24

Adidas are to use tricolor stripes on several training wear items for Real Madrid and Manchester United next season. For now, it appears that they will be the only Adidas elite teams whose gear will have this feature next season.

Adidas might also release 23-24 kits with tricolor 3 stripes, but this is not known yet

It is possible that the tricolor three stripes will also feature on one of Man United's and Madrid's 23-24 kits. If so, tricolor three stripes could either feature on the 23-24 away or third kits. As of now, changes are about 50/50 that Adidas 23-24 kits will have tricolor 3 stripes.

It was already leaked by us in November 2023 that the Adidas 23-24 third kits appear to be the most interesting of the Adidas 23-24 set. There will be not only the usual kits but "Lifestyler" versions of each kit that probably feature no sponsors.

Adidas will release sponsor-free "Lifestyler" versions of each 23-24 third kit

Coloring the stripes in different hues is a very easy way for Adidas to liven up a design, but it's something they do quite sparingly. They have released clothing and footwear with tricolor stripes before, but as part of general sportswear lines rather than part of a football team's clothing range.

In the past, they've used two different colors for the stripes on international kits for France, Belgium, Spain, and others, while Italy's latest home kit has them hidden on the inside of the shirt. In some cases, they've also colored the space between the stripes in order to recreate the national flag, such as on France's 1998, 2002, and 2006 World Cup home shirts.

Full Tricolor Stripes Hidden on Inside of Adidas Italy Kits

It's more of a rarity for club teams. Ajax's "Three Little Birds" 21-22 third kit used the Rastafarian color combo of red, yellow, and green on, while Arsenal released a collection celebrating their links with France last month.

Real Madrid 23-24 Training Kit Colours

The Adidas Real Madrid 23-24 training collection combines a dark navy with gold, gold, light turquoise and purple/mauve stripes. Each of these colors has been featured as an accent or main colors of Madrid kits in the past.

Real Madrid 23-24 - Possible 3rd Kit Colors with Tricolor 3 Stripes

It is not known if the tricolor 3 stripes will feature on any of Madrid's match kits in the 23-24 season. If the gold third kit has them, it would surely create an interesting and fashionable look, as visible on our graphic.

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Manchester United 23-24 Training Kit Colours

Manchester United will have some training gear carrying white, green and red stripes on a black, or partially black background. Red and white are of course the clubs primary home kit colors, while green is commonly used for their keeper shirts.

Manchester United 23-24 Away Kit to Have Tricolor 3 Stripes? No Info Yet

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As with Real Madrid, it is not known if the green, red, and white tricolor 3 stripes appear together on one of Man Utd's 23-24 kits. They could be on the 23-24 third kit, or even on the 23-24 away kit.

Would you like to see Adidas employing the use of tricolor stripes on 23-24 kits? Comment below.