Alexander-Arnold Wears New Signature Boots in Champions League Clash Against Real Madrid

Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold is getting new Under Armour signature boots and he was wearing it in the Reds' Champions League tie against Real Madrid on Tuesday at Anfield.

Alexander-Arnold Wears New Signature Boots Against Real Madrid

The special boots, called ‘The 66 Collection’ was officially unveiled by Under Armour on February 13, on their Instagram account. The collection name is a homage to the full-back's jersey number at Liverpool which has become quite iconic.

Unfortunately, Alexander-Arnold didn’t have the best of luck with his new Under Armour in Europe as the Reds suffered a 5-2 defeat in their UCL first-leg tie.

That match against Los Blancos was the first European game that the 24-year-old played wearing his Under Armour signature cleats. However, he already debuted the new boots in Liverpool’s latest Premier League fixture against Newcastle United last weekend.

Alexander-Arnod had a better fortune in the league with his new boots as The Reds end up winning that game 2-0.

Alexandre Arnold's Signature Cleats Have Five Editions

The England international defender has been an Under Armour-sponsored athlete since 2017 and is still exclusively under contract up to this date. The attacking full-back seems to enjoy the partnership as he signed a four-year extension with the sports manufacturer back in 2019.

Celebrating their collaboration, the sports manufacturer gave the England international his first capsule signature boots which will have five editions in total.

The first edition of that collection has a colorful look with a combination of red/orange and purple, making it very visible on the pitch. As for the model, it still evolves around the player’s UA Clone Magnetic Pro 2, which he has been using before the release of his signature boots.

Aside from the colorway, some interesting details from the boots would be the first edition lettering in gold on the right side area and his autograph in the insole. Another interesting stuff from Alexandre Arnold's signature series is that the next four editions will have different colorways than the first one.

Under Armour give some hint of the signature series’ upcoming colors with, the second edition will most likely be in purple/green, the third is green/blue, the fourth is in dark blue/light blue, and the fifth would be in light blue/purple. Unfortunately, there are still no official release dates announced yet for Alexandre Arnold's upcoming four remaining boots.

Although UA already reveal “The 66 Collection” first edition boots on their social media, it’s not officially available on the market just yet.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Under Armour Signature Cleats - Key Facts

  • Name of Collection: The 66 Collection
  • Numbers of Edition: 5
  • Base Model: Under Armour Clone Magnetic Pro 2
  • First Edition Colorway: Red/orange and purple
  • Each of the remaining four editions will have different colorways that the first edition
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