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Schalke Keeper Cuts Long Sleeves - Result Looks Suboptimal

We have interesting kit news from the Bundesliga, as Schalke's keeper Ralf Fährmann modified his goalkeeper kit last weekend.

Fährmann Cuts Off Long Sleeves

Schalke, who currently sit rock-bottom in the Bundesliga table, decided to give their former number one another chance in goal, replacing Schwolow with Fährmann. The German keeper had a decent start to his season with a clean sheet in a 0-0 draw against Köln.

However, fans may have noticed something unusual about the keeper's kit. It was clearly visible that someone had used a pair of scissors to remove the long sleeves, cutting just below the sleeve sponsor and Bundesliga logos.

Ralf Fährmann is known for wearing short-sleeved GK kits throughout since a couple of years, so it is odd that Schalke's kit man was not prepared. Schwolow had always worn long sleeves, so it seems the club were only arranged for him.

Weirdly enough, Adidas do offer short-sleeved versions of their Condivo 22 GK jerseys, which Schalke's goalkeeper kits are based on. Perhaps next week the 'Königsblauen' will be prepared, since all that needs to be done is to apply the correct badges and logos.

What do you think of Fährmann's DIY short-sleeved jersey? Do you think Schalke will provide him with proper short-sleeved kits in the future? Comment below.