Adidas X Crazyfast 23-24 Boots Leaked - Evoke Memories of Adidas X Adizero 99 Gram

Update: Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller has been spotted wearing a new pair of blackout boots during a recent training session, leading to speculation that he may be testing out the upcoming Adidas X Crazyfast Adizero boots - and we can confirm it.

Thomas Müller Trains in Adidas X Crazyfast Adizero Blackout Prototype Football Boots

The Adidas X Crazyfast soccer cleats have been eagerly anticipated by soccer fans worldwide. The blackout boots worn by Müller feature a lightweight design, with no visible logos or branding. However, the distinctive shape of the tongue practically confirms that they are indeed part of the Adidas X Crazyfast Adizero range.

Adidas has not yet confirmed the release date for the Adidas X Crazyfast Adizero, but we can reveal that it will be as early as June 2023.

Images of very interesting next-generation Adidas X football boots were leaked.

The images show off a special version of the next-generation Adidas X Crazyfast football boots. They are labeled "Adidas X Adizero+" and come with various Adizero brandings.

Adidas X Adizero+ 2023 - White/Black/Lucid Lemond

This photo shows the new Adidas X Crazyfast soccer boots in 'White/Black/Lucid Lemond'.

The new Adidas X Crazyfast Adizero boots have the same colors as the launch colorway - White/Black/Lucid Lemond. The design is very similar/identical to the Adidas X Crazyfast.

In terms of tech, the Adidas X Crazyfast looks extremely similar to the Adidas x 99g Adizero football boots from 2015/2016.

First launched in 2015, the limited-edition Adizero 99g football shoe was the world's first-ever football boot to break the 100-gram barrier. It remained, however, a limited edition and was never widely released.

The Adizero 99g football boot has a thin textile surface that plays a crucial role in weight reduction, and a unique sole and stud configuration. The outer sole is made of just 1mm-thick polyamide, making it lightweight but extremely stable. To reduce weight even further, one of the studs has been removed from the heel.

The Adidas X Crazyfast will be 5 grams lighter than the X Speedportal

The Adidas X Crazyfast will be 5 grams lighter than the Adidas X Speedportal - a weight reduction that probably won't make any compromises with stability and protection.

Adidas X Adizero+ 2023 - Features

  • Specail version of next-generation Adidas X Crazyfast, showcased by Adidas
  • Called "Adidas X Adizero+"
  • Design similar to Adidas X Crazyfast, tech virtually same as Adidas Adizero 99g
  • Colorway: White/Black/Lucid Lemond
  • Release Date: July 2023

Regular Adidas X Crazyfast - Tech Features

Aeropacity Speedskin: Single layer monomesh covered by purposefully placed double layer of low opacity TPU film for stability & comfort

Aerocage: Engineered lining skeleton for ideal support and stability, considered cutouts for better fit & lightweight performance

Aeroplate: New lightweight tooling inlay

Weight reduction vs. X22 (-5g)

Increased sustainability standard (64% bio based)

Dynamic Double Branding: Fast double branding on forefoot, textured stripe execution, lighter look and improved haptic and performance

Launch Date

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