Ridiculous: Belgian Team Forced to Improvise Kit With Tape and Marker Pen In Kit Clash

Something who wouldn't expect in Belgium's first division happened this weekend - while there was first a massive kit clash, later several players were forced to use pen and tape to fix their kits.

Kit Clash Results in DIY Kits in Seraing vs Royal Antwerp Juplier Pro League Match

Seraing FC team were playing at home against Royal Antwerp. However, both teams wore red/black home jerseys, making it hard to distinguish both teams.

In Belgium, it is reported that Royal Antwerp are responsible for the clash, as they would have agreed that they would come with "Dark Blue" kit, but they did not take it with them for whatever reason.

Royal Antwerp had reportedly agreed that they would come with "Dark Blue" kit

All of Royal Antwerp's 22-23 kits include some red, so they all at least partly clash with Seraing's jerseys.

In halftime, Seraing decided to switch to their away shirts. However, not all players had their own away shirts, leading to some innovative solutions involving tape and marker pen to get the correct player names and numbers.

Antwerp are using the official La Liga font

Seraing's captain taped the number 28 in a clever way to make it number 23.

Now with Seraing wearing a white kit, the Antwerp goalkeeper had to change his shirt to avoid clashing with Seraing’s new colors. To make matters worse, it was not even his own shirt. The game ended with Antwerp winning 2-0, and Seraing occupying the bottom place in the Jupiler Pro League.

This story is obviously ridiculous, and I don't prefer to talk about it

In an interview after the game, Seraing player Christophe Lepoint said about the situation. "This story is obviously ridiculous, and I don't prefer to talk about it. I actually laugh about it. At the break, I said that it was up to Antwerp to put on their white jersey because it was not us to do so given that we were at home."

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