Class Act | Lukaku Gives Football Boots and Helps Serie B Player, Odogwu Flourishes

Romelu Lukaku’s class act along with football boots apparently have managed to turn around the career of a fellow football player. Sudtirol forward, Raphael Odogwu sees his career flourishing soon after receiving and wearing Lukaku’s Nike Phantom cleats.

Lukaku Sends a Pair of Boots to Help Odogwu Recover from Depression

Odogwu was experiencing a difficult moment during the first few months of his arrival at Sudtirol in the summer of 2020, as he struggled to get a place on the team after recovering from a three-month injury. His struggle eventually vanished in the spring of 2021 after he received a surprise gift from Lukaku, who was shining with Inter Milan at the time.

The Belgium international striker’s special package for Odogwu arrived following the help of the Italian strike’s wife, Clarissa. Seeing his husband going through depression, the wife tried reaching out to Lukaku, who was also Odogwu's favorite striker, to give some message of encouragement.

Her attempt of contacting the ex-Manchester United striker via social media didn’t go smoothly at first but after the help of the player’s agent and Antonio Conte’s assistant coach, Cristian Stellini things becomes smoother. Lukaku eventually got the message and encouragement was not the only thing that he send as the Belgium striker also gave his jersey plus a pair of football boots to Odogwu.

Lukaku Send More Boots to Odogwu

Having the same shoe size, 48, the Italian-born striker decided to wear Lukaku’s white Nike Phantom GT and his fortune started to change from that moment on. The 32-year-old still wears the current Inter striker’s boots to this date and will most likely keep doing it as he has recently received more cleats from the Belgium international star.

As reported by L’Equipe after remembering Udogwu's story, Lukaku recently sent seven more pairs of his cleats to the Sudtirol’s bomber. The Belgium star’s boots were simply a source of good luck for the 32-year-old who ended last season with 8 goals after he start wearing those cleats. This season, things are getting better as he already netted the same amount of goals in 27 appearances and is helping his side compete for a potential spot in Serie A next season.

Maybe one day I'll find myself on the same ground as Romelu and we'll swap shirts?Speaking in a recent interview with L’Equipe, Udogwu reveals that his upcoming dream would be to meet Lukaku in a Serie A match and swap jerseys with him. Maybe one day I'll find myself on the same ground as Romelu and we'll swap shirts? Odogwu said.

The attacker will certainly have a shot at meeting Lukaku if Sudtirol get promoted to Serie A next summer or the season after as he recently extend his stay at the club until 2025.

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