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Exclusive: Adidas to Bring Foldover Tongue Back to the Predator

Today we can exclusively reveal that one of the Adidas Predator's signature features from the early models, the foldover tongue, will return to the boot in 2024.

Foldover Predator Tongue to Make a Comeback

29 years have passed since the launch of the original Adidas Predator and in that time, there have been 19 different models released, not including the various rereleases that have combined the classic aesthetic with more modern technology. For most people, the Predator name calls to mind some of the models from the late 90s and early 2000s. These are the most sought after today by boot collectors and have proven to be the most successful remake fodder.

For the first 14 years each new generation did genuinely look like an evolution from the previous model, before the designers went down a more innovative route. They were all made from black leather, with some splashes of red and three white stripes (at least for the launch colourway) in some shape or form running down the side. They also all had a foldover tongue which was sometimes held in place by an elastic strap that passed under the sole of the boot. In 2009 the tongue was dropped, but next year Adidas are bringing it back.

The tongue will be made from a synthetic suede material and will also have the elasticated strap that was a popular feature of the Predator models released from 2002 to 2008. It will be a feature of the next generation of the Predator rather than a small update to the current gen Predator Accuracy. 2024 marks the 30 year anniversary of the original Predator so the traditional black and red colourway could very likely be used for the launch, although this is just speculation for now.

The 2015 special edition Predator Instinct with tongue.

Do you think the foldover tongue will look good on the Predator Accuracy or is it a feature that should be left in the past? Comment below.