Exclusive: Premier League to Release New Kit Font But Probably No New Logo For 2023-2024 Season

The English Premier League are set to have a new typeface from the 2023-2024 season, we can leak.

The Premier League re-registered the current logo in the UK, EU, and US in May 2022Meanwhile, everything indicates that the Premier League won't update their logo. The Premier League re-registered the current logo in the UK, EU, and US in mid-2022.

Premier League 23-24 Kit Typeface

The new Premier League 23-24 kit font replaces the one that was launched in 2017. We have no info on the look of the new Premier League 2023 kit font and how big the changes for the new Premier League kit font are.

there might be only minor changes, similar to the sleeve badge some years agoIndeed, it is possible that the official Premier League kit typeface will only undergo slight changes.

Currently, the biggest downside with the official Premier League typeface is the limit of color options. The Premier League kit typeface is only available in 5 colors.

New Premier League 19-20 Sleeve Badges Released

Since the 2019-2020 season, Premier League have been supplied by Avery Dennison, who replaced Sporting ID. The font style was not changed back then, while the sleeve badge underwent minor changes.

The Premier League 23-24 font is available from July 2023.

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