All-New La Liga 23-24 Kit Font Released - Includes Team Crest, Border & Ventilation Pattern (Only For Some Teams)

Update: The all-new La Liga 2023-2024 kit typeface has some extra features not visible in the previous pictures. Like in the seasons before, the new LaLiga 23-24 kit font includes each team crest, plus there is also a border. Oddly, the ventilation pattern is only there for Barcelona and not Real Sociedad.

2023-2024 LaLiga Font - Real Life Pictures - Includes Team Crest

Barcelona's 23-24 Champions League kit typeface is the same as in previous seasons. Gavi has no shirt number yet.

LaLiga Announce Deal With Industry Giants Avery Dennison

Meanwhile, LaLiga announced a deal with Avery Dennison to supply new league-wide LaLiga badge. Avery Dennison already make LaLiga's font - they are also the official supplier of the English Premier League.

Real Madrid Do Not Sell 23-24 LaLiga Kit Font

Oddly, Spanish giants Real Madrid are not selling the streamlined La Liga football kit typeface. Instead, they only offer their custom kit font, also with LaLiga badges. This already has been the case in previous seasons - Real Madrid will, of course, wear the new La Liga kit font in 23-24 season La Liga matches.

What makes this particularly strange is that Real Madrid also have a deal with Avery Dennison for their custom kit font. It remains to be seen if Madrid anytime will also sell the LaLiga kit font.

Update: Confirming our exclusive leak, the all-new LaLiga 2023-2024 football kit font is available with the new Real Sociedad 23-24 home kit. La Liga did not yet officially communicate the launch of new 23-24 La Liga jersey typeface yet. There is no club badge at the bottom, at least in the club's online store images.

La Liga 2023-2024 Kit Typeface x Real Sociedad

Update: We have created more examples of how the new La Liga 2023-2024 kit looks with some of the league's most popular and well-known curret and past players players, including Kroos, Beckham and Zidane.

Update: We can showcase some of the name sets we would see in the 2023-2024 La Liga season. Please note that the numbers are set to include each team's logo (or LaLiga's logo). We also created a fictional Messi No. 10 2023-2024 LaLiga font.

The new La Liga 23-24 kit font replaces the one that was launched in 2017 and will be a part of La Liga's overall rebrand. We expect the new font to be used for several years by all La Liga teams for their kits.

La Liga 23-24 Kit Typeface

Check out the La Liga 2023-24 font for all La Liga teams' football shirts below.

La Liga's 2023-24 kit font is totally different from the previous typeface. It has a more dynamic, edgy look, and comes without that odd 3d effect.

Indeed, the La Liga 2023-24 jersey font has the same font typeface as the official La Liga logo. It also reminds us of the special El Clásico logo launched in the Fall of 2021.

The La Liga 23-24 font is available from July 2023.

La Liga 23-24 Kit Numbers

La Liga 23-24 Kit Letters

Better than the old font? Do you like the new La Liga 2023 kit typeface? Let us know in the comments below.