Ter Stegen Without Adidas Deal For First Time in His Career?

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen has been a longtime ambassador for sports brand Adidas, having been sponsored by them throughout his career. However, the German goalkeeper has been wearing old boots and gloves for several weeks now, leading to speculation that his contract with the brand may have ended.

Ter Stegen already wore the Adidas Predator football boots in 2009.

Ter Stegen Probably Without Adidas Deal Currently - Wears Old Predator 2022 World Cup Boots

One of the most notable things about Ter Stegen's appearance was that he was not wearing the latest generation of Adidas Predator Accuracy boots or gloves. The next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy soccer cleats have been worn by Adidas athletes since January 2023 but not by Ter Stegen.

Indeed, Ter Stegen did not a single time wore the next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy football boots, not even in training.

The last deal of Adidas x Ter Stegen was signed in late 2017/early 2018

Ter Stegen signed an extension with Adidas in 2017, which could have lasted five years, until the end of 2022. It is unclear whether the contract has been renewed, but it appears it has bee not been extended.

As of now, it remains to be seen whether Ter Stegen will continue his relationship with Adidas, or if he will switch to a different sponsor at the age of 30, after more than 10 years as a professional wearing Adidas. The goalkeeper has not made any public statements regarding the issue, and there are also no rumors in the press.

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