Exclusive: Old vs New Premier League Kit Font

Some weeks ago, the new Premier League kit font for the 2023-24 season and beyond was launched. Now Avery Dennison, the supplier of the official Premier League font, has sent us pictures comparing the new with the old Premier League jersey typeface, greatly showing off what was the aim of the new Premier League font.

2017 vs 2023 Premier League Names & Numbers

The new Premier League 23-24 kit typeface is only the fourth redesign in Premier League history. As easily visible when comparing the old with the new font, it is an evolution rather than a revolution.

The size increases by 18%

With an increase of 18% in size and a more edgy style, the aim of the new Premier League 23-24 was to be clearer for those watching matches in stadiums or at home, while also incorporating the Premier League brand more readily.

More Edgy Numbers - Better Readability Results in a More Traditional Look

Most importantly in terms of font style, the new Premier League 23-24 kit numbers are more straight. This can be greatly seen with Saka's number 7, and Martinez's number 1.

Increased Height - Size Plus 18%

An increase in the height of the numbers ensures that the new font has increased "visibility and more impact both on and off the pitch". The height has been increased by 2cm (20mm) - from 23cm (230mm) to 25cm (250mm).

While the increase seems to be minimal at first glance, it results in a significantly larger area - 529cm² vs 625cm². This is an increase of 18%.

Increased Negative Space - Better Readability From Afar

Increased negative space also ensures better readability from a distance.

Subtle Premier League Design Added

Avery Dennison also incorporated the Premier League's unique graphic pattern for a more personalized look.

The new 2023-24 Premier League typeface will debut on August 12, 2023, when the 2023-2024 season kicks off. The font will be already available to buy with the first 23-24 kit releases, likely in May 2023.

Do you prefer the new vs the old Premier League kit font? Let us know in the comments below.